The workplace is often a place where people spend the most time in their day. As such, it should be a safe and healthy environment where employees can feel comfortable and productive. Employees have the right to a discrimination, harassment and violence free workplace. They have the right to fair wages and fair labor practices and conditions. With a commitment to workplace justice and equity, we seek to protect the rights of employees who often do not know where to turn to or what to do.

Experienced with Proceedings & Hearings:

- United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

- National Labor Relations Board

- Illinois Department of Human Rights

- Illinois Department of Employment Security

Labor and employment law is at the forefront of civil rights works in the United States today. Rarely will businesses be open about employee discrimination. Instead, they may foster an environment where employees feel unsafe to be open about themselves or any harassment they may face.

We see this type of employee discrimination throughout the United States: where women are forced to choose between revealing a pregnancy and keeping a job, new hires find out they have been offered smaller wages than their colleagues because of their name or race, religious minorities are forced to work during important religious holidays, and LGBTQ employees feel compelled to hide their gender identity or sexual orientation for fear of losing out on the next promotion.

The goal of any employment dispute is not to try to make life better for one employee but to transform the workplace into a fair and safe environment for all employees. As we’re seeing today, one person speaking up can help others find justice. Discrimination and unfair labor practices are not necessarily seen by colleagues or the public but arise behind the scenes, through hiring and firing decisions, promotion opportunities, wage disparity, and contract disputes.

Another side of discrimination that is not talked about enough is the sexual harassment that is pervasive in many industries. Women, especially, are forced to remain silent about negative treatment, verbal abuse, groping, and other forms of sexual assault, usually by male colleagues. Many believe they must remain silent or find a new job to succeed.

At Nozari Legal, our employment attorneys not only fight for fair wages and a proper work environment, but to prevent discrimination, sexual harassment, fight unfair non-compete agreements, and provide a voice to those who need one. Whether you believe you have been discriminated against, have been wronged in your wages, or have been denied basic services by an employer, we want to help. We even offer employment and discrimination training. This is not just about righting an unfair wrong, but about creating a safe place for everyone to work.

Many people fear they will not be able to afford an attorney or that they cannot win their case. We’re here to help. We will hear your case and talk to you about your options. Then we’ll determine how to find an adequate resolution for your concerns. And because we are concerned about your time and money, we will use every resource necessary to help you reach a solution and not feel burdened by lost wages, lack of work, or an inability to pay your bills on time. Our goal is not to resolve the dispute in a court trial that could take months, or even years, to resolve, but to talk or go through mediationand find the best possible result in the most efficient manner for you.