Corporate Responsibility

I am a plaintiff’s lawyer and always will be. For those people who feel they have been wronged or discriminated against by their employer, landlord or housing provider, I will always stand by them. I have never represented a company in a discrimination claim; however, I do happily represent companies in their transactional and negotiation needs because the way I see it, I want to stand with people who are willing to do things the right way. By helping companies who are starting out as a new business, I have the opportunity (and honor) to help them ensure that they are protected in all the ways they need to be but also that they establish a work culture that will propagate justice and health.

How many of us have worked in what we would call a “hostile work environment”, even if legally they unfortunately wouldn’t qualify as such? Marginalized people or members of protected classes often have it extra tough in these toxic work environments. The good news is that corporate responsibility is falling more on company radars across the country and is expected to continue to do so as the years go on. This year we should expect companies to continue to focus on the issues that matter to their employees. Focus on the “bottom line” and on the needs of those on the bottom are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Research shows that happy employees are significantly more productive. This is why I encourage my business clients as I help them draft their employee manuals or rules and regulations that they should consider the wellness of their employees in all ways. Work life balance is important for everyone. The company and the employee should have a symbiotic relationship and then everyone will reap the benefits.


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