Neda has represented my business for just under two years. Her skills, knowledge, attention and application of laws have served to protect my business and Neda has been both an advocate and advisor to my corporation. She hasn’t just interpreted the laws, but has also applied her knowledge of the laws to provide for the needs of my business. I feel confident in recommending Neda Nozari. She is not only thorough, but also easy to work with and always willing to take the time to discuss my concerns. I’m highly satisfied with her services.

Peter (Business Owner)

Neda is a brilliant attorney who is not only passionate about her work, but compassionate toward her clients. She helped me when I was in serious danger of losing my condo due to delinquent assessments. I was hit hard by the Great Recession – losing a job that I loved and struggling for over two years before landing another one. My condo association’s board of directors had worked with me for over a year, then without any advance notice, demanded the full overdue amount immediately. A friend suggested I contact Neda and I can never thank her enough for doing so. Neda listened intently to my dilemma and immediately put me at ease. She explained my rights as a homeowner and also the rights of the board of directors. She skillfully intervened on my behalf and brokered an agreeable payment plan when I thought the board was being unreasonable. Neda is a fierce defender of equal access, equal opportunity and fairness for everyone, regardless of how society may classify you. Her skills as an attorney were unmatched as I witnessed her champion on my behalf, armed with her confidence and knowledge of the law, combined with the care, sincerity and dedication of a trusted friend and advisor. I am so proud to be able to say that Neda Nozari is my attorney!

Arlene (Home Owner)

Neda has been a great attorney for me during my long litigation of a workplace issue. She is a smart, passionate and understanding woman. For every issue I was faced with, she advised me and guided me in choosing the best option for my situation. I contacted with Neda through a friend’s reference and I felt supported, strong, and enjoyed every moment working with her. She worked with me to go through all the possible scenarios and always did her research comprehensively. My trial was an emotional roller coaster, but Neda was always able to calmly give me advice. I am a detail-oriented person and was searching to work with not only a professional but also a compassionate lawyer. Working with Neda, I was able to make the best of a bad situation.
We took my case to trial and we won! I am so proud to be able to say that Neda Nozari is my attorney!


Neda is the kindest attorney I have ever met! She has a true sense of compassion, mercy and justice, which is rare in any human being more or less an attorney. She is thorough and efficient in all of her work and does it with a bright smile on her face. Not to mention, she’s super humble and really funny. If she cannot provide you with the services you’re looking for, she is very kind and resourceful to connect folks with other options. I wish I could give her six stars. We took my case to trial and we won! I am so proud to be able to say that Neda Nozari is my attorney!

Jes (Yelp Reviewer)

Neda truly is as sharp as they come. She crafted clear & readable contract to use for my design company back in January. Her insight was so useful as I was trying to understand how to protect & inform my client and myself. So now, with these contract templates in hand, I can be free to create without worrying that I forgot some aspect of the agreement. Highly recommended!

Joseph (Business Owner)