Who do we want to be?

The hateful and ignorant noise we have been inundated with recently given the new “Zero Tolerance Policy” of the current administration around immigration from people along our southern border has truly been painfully deafening. It is beyond heartbreaking. As the child of immigrant parents, a woman, an attorney, and just a fellow human being, my heart has been full of sorrow for the children and families who have been separated from one another and treated like chattel. It is interesting to take some time to look up the word “asylum” in the dictionary and ponder not only the history of how this country was established, how the first immigrants arrived here and made this country their home, and how we have evolved into one of the most diverse but also the most divided nation in the world- but also to consider the circumstances that people face around the world that would incite them to take such dangerous risks to have an opportunity to live in this country. They are people. We are people. They have children. Those are our children. No person is “illegal”. No person is an “alien”.

It is important to pause and ask ourselves, who do we want to be? As an attorney, one can argue technicalities all day long but during moments like this, it is important to realize why there are laws to begin with. They are to protect people. Period. One glance at the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services website tells us that a person may begin the legal process of applying for asylum no matter how they entered the country. At Nozari Legal, we are often helping those who have been trying to establish a life for themselves and their families in this country by securing housing and employment, many of whom continue to face unspeakable challenges and experience hatred and discrimination at every turn. To think that they face this after taking all the risks to step foot in this great Nation is something that we use as fuel to keep working and keep helping everyone we can that approaches us for help. We are here for you. We will stand with you and walk with you. This home belongs to us all.


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